Highland Dance  
Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Highland Dancing?



Highland Dancing is a celebration of the Scottish spirit; a spectacular combination of strength, agility, movement, music, and costume.

Unlike other dance mediums, Highland dances are generally danced solo and in competition.

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How can I find a Highland Dancing teacher near me?



You can find a map showing Highland Dance teachers across Ontario on our Instructors page. 

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How old does my child need to be before he/she can take Highland Dance classes?


Most children can begin classes around age 3-4, however please inquire with your teacher.  You can find a teacher on our Instructors page.

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Do I/my child have to be Scottish to take Highland Dancing?


Absolutely not.  Many dancers begin Highland Dancing as a way to explore their Scottish heritage, but a lot of dancers do not have any Scottish heritage at all. 

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How much does Highland Dancing cost?


Different studios will vary, but Highland Dance is an affordable form of dance and is comparable to many other extracurricular activities.  

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What do Highland Dancers wear?


Dancers will need dancing shoes, called ghillies.  Attire for practice will vary so ask your teacher what their requirements are.  


To perform or compete, dancers will need a Highland Outfit.  There is a huge network of used costumes available to help dancers get started.   

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How do competitions work?


There is a Highland Dancing competition in Ontario nearly every weekend.  Most dancers, if they choose to compete, will compete locally a few times per year as they advance through the levels Beginner, Novice, and Intermediate.  


Many dancers will travel more as they reach the Premier level.